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2008 Maserati Quattroporte


If you were in the market for a $120K (in 2010 money) four-door luxury car, which would you get: a Mercedes S Class, or a BMW 7 Series?  Personally, I would get a Maserati Quattroporte.  Sure, you don’t get the precision engineering of a German luxury car.  However, you get Italian passion.

Look at the curves of that body, very sleek and provocative.  Inside is a wonderful interior with awesome seats.  Turn on the engine and it awakes your senses with a V8 symphony.  Back in 2008, Maserati was still owned by Ferrari (today in 2010 it is owned by Alfa Romeo).  With that Ferrari influence came the a Ferrari-based engine.  The Quattroporte’s 4.0 liter engine is based on a Ferrari 360 engine, with displacement raised to 4.0 liters, slightly detuned in terms of HP/Liter output.  Plus, for those insane enough to hire a driver to drive it, there’s an option to have an airline-style folding table for back seat passengers.

Why else would you get a Quattroporte over a BMW or Mercedes?  Well, you will be among the few who own one.

Click on the photographs for wallpaper-quality images.  Please feel free to send us a Comment, and check out our other exhibits.  Tell your friends about us!

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