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1989 Lamborghini Countach


Let’s have a show of hands.  Who here knows what a Lamborghini Countach is?  Who has a poster of it in their room?  Who knows someone who has a poster of it in their room?

Chances are, most people would have raised their hands.  The Lamborghini Countach is one of the most iconic exotics in the 1980s.  Its distinctive angular shape, coupled with tons of horsepower, and distinctive Lambo scissor doors set it apart from the rest.  These were taken during the 2008 Los Angeles Concours, and is in excellent condition.  It was post-processed with an aged look to bring back the memories.

Click on the photographs for wallpaper-quality images.  Please feel free to send us a Comment, and check out our other exhibits.  Tell your friends about us!.

  1. Always wanted a Countach as a kid. I remember going to a kit car show when I was 9, saw a kit version of one of these, and I was smitten. A few years ago I was lucky enough to own a Porsche 911, not quite the Lambo I was after, but still a wonderful car to drive. Unfortunately the engine seized and it was well out of warranty, so I ended up virtually giving it away. Lost an awful lot of money. Kinda soured my love of nice cars a little. But this post kinda reminded what started it all….

    • So what kind of cars are you into now? Yeah, my appreciation for nice cars started with the Countach, then the Diablo, then the 911, and recently the Ferrari 575. I couldn’t understand why the press made a huge deal of the 575, but it’s actually a pretty nice and capable machine. Hang in there. Cheers.

  2. Chris permalink

    The Countach really helped set the stage for that era. Which 911 did you have? Was it an IMS problem? That flat-6 sure sounds great.

    Concours, you guys have any more Lambos?

    • Yes, we have plenty of cars to publish. Specifically, a Miura SV, Murcielago, Reventon, Gallardo and Gallardo Superlagerra, as well as some Lambo models. All in due time. Stay tuned!

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